Benefits of PEX Repipes
and Copper Repipes

It benefits you enormously to have pipes that are built to last and that function optimally for life. We are able to guarantee our repipes for life because we know our business (repipes are all we do) and because we use the highest quality materials available. Plus, we are frequently able to repipe your home for a small fraction of what a plumber or contractor would charge!

After a Repipe, You will Have:

  • No More LEAKS!
  • Excellent Water Pressure Throughout Your Home
  • Clean Water that Actually Looks Like Water
  • High-Quality Plumbing for Decades
  • The Ability to Shower Without Ensuring that No One Else in the House Flushes the Toilet
  • Peace of Mind that Your Plumbing is the Best it can Be
  • A Positive Selling Point for Your Home

Before Repiping

After Repiping

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