For decades copper has been the preferred material for plumbing systems; however, copper quality varies dramatically. We only use American-made copper pipes as they are, by far, the highest in quality and are manufactured to a precise, uniform standard. We are able to offer a lifetime guarantee because we use materials that are built to last.

lifetime warranty

Copper Repipes: The Original!

Make Low Water Pressure a Thing of the Past!

If your home was built more than five years ago, you could have corroded galvanized pipes which will continue to deteriorate and drain your bank account. Repipe Specialists offers high-quality copper repipes installed by highly-trained professionals that leverage decades of repiping experience to ensure that your plumbing nightmares become past-tense and stay that way!

We Only Use the Highest-Quality Copper!

Not all copper pipes are created equally. Copper pipes made outside of the United States are almost always inferior to those manufactured in accordance with the strict quality standards of the US. Contractors often cut costs by using cheaper copper pipes that are too thin, alloyed or prone to corrosion. And they still charge you an arm and a leg for a copper repipe!

Higher quality, corrosion resistant, less leaks, lasts longer.

Repipe Specialists only uses American-made, high-quality Grade L copper pipes. This is the only way we can guarantee our work for life. Since all we do are repipes, you get the highest quality materials and technical expertise for a fraction of what you would pay a plumber or contractor.

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