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PEX is a durable, versatile, high-density plastic which is
quickly becoming America’s favorite repipe material. PEX
repipes require fewer fittings and less labor to install than rigid
metal pipes. Because we use the highest quality PEX on the market,
our PEX pipes will not corrode, scale, freeze or develop pinhole leaks.

PEX Repipes: Versatile, Affordable, Guaranteed for Life!

PEX – an acronym for PolyEthylene (PE) that is cross-linked (X) – is a durable, flexible, high-density plastic that is quickly becoming a favorite for home repipes. PEX plumbing systems require fewer fittings and less labor to install, so a PEX repipe is quite affordable.

Repipe Specialists Uses Only the Highest Quality PEX Available!

Quality varies widely with PEX pipes. Repipe Specialists only uses the Uponor PEX system which easily outshines any other PEX product on the market in terms of quality, safety and reliability. These PEX products are manufactured without torches, glues, chemicals or solvents and can be installed without using a single lead component! This means you get a high-quality, affordable PEX repipe that is guaranteed for life AND a cleaner water supply.

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