Do you know someone who is suffering from low water pressure? Leaks? Discolored water? Help relieve them with a brand new PEX or copper plumbing system!

Refer someone to Repipe Specialists and we’ll send you a $50 Gift Card. And there is no limit. We will pay $50 for each household you refer.

Claiming Your Reward

Claim your $50 Gift Card one of three simple ways:

1. Click on the coupon below. When the page of coupons comes up, type in your name on the “You were referred by” line (you only need to fill in your name on one of the coupons). Then click on “print” in your browser. One page will print out, containing 6 coupons with your name printed on each. Clip out one, and give to the person you’re recommending. If they give it to our estimator or even show it to him, and we do the job, we’ll send your $50 gift card.

You can use the rest of the coupons for future referrals.


2. Fill out our online form below with all the information on the person you are referring, and submit it. As soon as the referred job is completed, we’ll send you your $50 gift card.


3. Simply have the person you recommend mention your name to our estimator, and our estimator will make sure you get your $50 gift card

20% Discount

The person you refer wins, too! As a referral, they will be entitled to a 20% discount on their repipe job.

You know how great it is to have new PEX or copper pipes. Help someone else have them, too!

Repipe Specialists Referral Form

Please fill in the following information. When you have finished, click the SUBMIT button below.

Thank you for your referral!

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